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As a Premium Career member, you can apply to jobs as a Featured Applicant. Your job application is highlighted, drawing the job poster's attention.

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Discover who’s interested in you

Access the full list of people who viewed your profile in the last 90 days, so you can reach out or follow up. Without Premium, you can only see the last five people. You'll also see the keywords people are using to find you and the industries and locations of your viewers—insights to help you improve your profile and be found more often.


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Get 3 InMail credits per month to directly contact anyone on LinkedIn—even if you’re not connected. Follow up on job applications, get informational interviews, or simply make new industry contacts.


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See how you stack up against other applicants or a company’s current employees, based on your LinkedIn profile. Compare education, skills, and more. 

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Filter jobs by salary and have immediate access to detailed salary information on jobs you're interested in. This data brings much needed transparency to the job seeking process and will help you make better informed career decisions.