LinkedIn Premium | Premium Career

Top Applicant Jobs

Identify and apply for jobs where you're considered a top candidate to increase your chance of hearing back.

Top Choice Jobs

While applying for a job, you can mark the job as a Top Choice Job, which increases your chance of standing out to hirers or recruiters.

Advance search filters

Find jobs that have under 10 applicants or other specific benefits.

AI profile writing assistant*

Get help strengthening your profile so you can stand out from other applicants.

AI-powered insights on job posts*

Find additional resources, personalized to you, on job posts.

Interview prep

Learn how to answer top interview questions with advice from industry experts.

Who's Viewed Your Profile

Explore a list of viewers, viewer trends, and insights for the past 365 days. Plus, browse profiles anonymously.


Message hiring managers and those outside of your network ​— with 5 InMails per month.

AI message and post drafts**

Get help drafting a message to a hiring manager or new connection.

LinkedIn Learning

Access over 21,000 courses taught by industry experts and centered on today’s most in-demand skills — anytime, anywhere.

AI-powered coaching with LinkedIn Learning

Get personalized career advice and real-time resource recommendations.

AI-powered takeaways for LinkedIn Feed**

Learn more about the topics mentioned in your feed with insights and resource suggestions.

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