LinkedIn Premium | Premium Business

Custom Button

Encourage visitors to your profile to take action, driving them to a website of your choice through a custom button featured prominently on your page.

Featured profile content

Showcase your credibility to potential clients, business partners, or leads by pinning key details to the top of your profile.

AI profile writing assistant*

Get personalized suggestions for your profile, to stand out from others in your industry, and apart from other businesses.

Who's Viewed Your Profile

Don’t miss out on interested prospects. View trends and insights for the past 365 days, plus browse profiles anonymously.


Expand your network and reach out to prospective clients and connections by messaging those outside your network with 15 InMails per month.

Unlimited Search

Connect with the right people faster. Unlike free accounts, you can search for people, companies, and everything in between with no limits.

AI-powered coaching with
LinkedIn Learning

Build the skills you need to thrive in the new world of work with real-time content recommendations.

AI-powered takeaways for
LinkedIn Feed**

Stay on top of trends with personalized insights and suggestions that can help you find the right information and resources on LinkedIn.

Company Insights

Get help with research and competitive analysis with data and insights on companies relevant to your business and industry.

Here’s a tip:

Capitalize on sales and find potential leads by viewing up to 365 days of profile viewer data with the Who’s Viewed Your Profile feature.

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