Using Premium to Find Prospects Faster

With more than 15 years in high-tech sales under his belt, Tim Tyler,  regional sales manager at Atlanta-based Vertica, an HP Company, remembers the days when looking for new prospects meant endless phone calls to target companies. “You’d call the front desk and say, ‘Can I speak to the IT manager?’” Tyler recalls. “And you’d have to do that dozens of times. Now, I can create a contact list in a few minutes with LinkedIn – it’s almost an unfair advantage.”

Given his daily use of LinkedIn for researching people and companies that are potential customers for his company’s data analytics platforms, Tyler makes full use of LinkedIn Premium. “I can see a lot more results when I search with Premium,” he explains. “I can also do searches where I can drill down into companies and job titles. For instance, I can search for data scientists at computer gaming or financial services companies – good markets for us – within a 50-mile range of my office.”

Deeper searches are also helping Tyler get closer to prospects. “My biggest success story is when we were trying to bring attendees to one of our marketing events,” Tyler says. “We used to send email blasts, but we’d be lucky if we got just a few responses. This time, I built a list with LinkedIn Premium and sent InMails to people that I knew would care about what we were saying. We got 16 brand-new people to attend who we’d never talked to before, and probably wouldn’t have known about.” Tyler also raises his profile with connections by posting links to interesting industry content, like a recent piece on Vertica’s acquisition by HP.

Being able to view expanded profiles of LinkedIn members – even members outside of his own network – has helped Tyler expand his professional connections. “I was traveling to Florida recently to meet with a new customer,” he says. “I was able to look him up on LinkedIn, and found out that we had both worked for the same VP of IT Operations. When you find something that you have in common with connections, they’re more likely to trust what you have to say. It’s what makes LinkedIn such a powerful tool.”