5 Steps to Success with Recruiter Lite

Welcome to LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, a premium subscription designed to help you find and hire top professionals. Here are five quick steps to get started and make the most from your subscription.

1. Conduct a search: Find top talent

Search for professionals on LinkedIn is easier and more powerful with Recruiter Lite. Type keywords into the search box, then use the 14 Recruiter Lite search filters on the left side of your search results page to carve down to the most relevant profiles. You will also see richer search results, with the ability to see the full names and profiles of your entire third degree network. For the average person, this means they can see 35x as many profiles as they could see on their free LinkedIn account.

2. Save profiles: Keep candidates at your finger tips

Once you conduct a search, Recruiter Lite allows you to save individual profiles so you can quickly find them again down the line. Add notes to each profile, such as your communication history with the individual, and assign them to folders, such as the name of the role being filled.

3. Save your search: Never miss a candidate

After you craft a search that meets your criteria, select “save search”. Name the search and select the frequency for search alerts. LinkedIn will automatically send you notifications every time new profiles match your criteria. With Recruiter Lite, you can create up to 10 saved searches, making it easy to stay on top of new candidates as they update their LinkedIn profiles.

4. Contact candidates with InMail

Now contact top candidates with the 25 InMail credits you receive each month with Recruiter Lite. When writing an InMail, remember to be brief – aim for 100 words or less – and personalize your message to show the recipient why their profile caught your interest. Try to send 10 InMail messages within your first 10 days on Recruiter Lite.

5. Discover talent in LinkedIn Groups

You can also discover relevant talent through LinkedIn groups. Join groups based on the skills and experience of candidates you are hiring. With over a million groups, you’re bound to find one that’s relevant. Once you join a group, you can pose a question, contribute to discussion, and discover other LinkedIn members that are also in the group who could be your next great hire.

That's it: five steps to get started and make the most out of Recruiter Lite. We look forward to helping you find that next great hire!