Transform your recruiting experience

Recruiter Lite will help you find that perfect candidate.


Find candidates faster

See full names and profiles for more candidates

Get full name and profile visibility for your full network and see 35x more profiles. This makes it easier for you to find relevant talent every time you conduct a search on LinkedIn. Plus, search within your LinkedIn groups to see tens of thousands of additional relevant profiles for recruiting.

Zero in on the perfect candidate

Enjoy access to eight Premium search filters with Recruiter Lite, so you can conduct a laser-focused search for the right candidate. Refine your search by years of experience, seniority, function, company size, interests, and more.

Never miss a candidate with search alerts

Saved searches and search alerts ensure you'll never miss a candidate, and they help you cover more ground. Once you create a search and save it, you'll get automatic updates from LinkedIn when new members fit your criteria. With Recruiter Lite, you can save up to 10 searches, allowing you to source for multiple roles simultaneously.

Get exclusive Recruiter Mobile access

This new iPhone app and mobile web experience puts the LinkedIn Recruiter Lite features you love most in the palm of your hand. The end result: a more productive you and better interactions with candidates. That’s because you can do everything – from reviewing profiles, to responding to candidate InMails, to viewing full profiles of your third degree network – all while out and about.

Contact passive candidates

Contact candidates directly with InMail

With your Recruiter Lite account, you get 25 InMail messages each month, so you can easily contact potential candidates through LinkedIn. InMail messages go straight to your candidate's inbox, enabling you to directly reach potential candidates whether you're connected to them or not.

Contact candidates with InMail

Save time and extend your reach with InMail templates

Recruiter Lite gives you access to customizable InMail templates. These templates make it easier for you to contact more potential candidates and extend your recruiting efforts.

Manage candidate relationships

Easily track activity for every candidate

With Recruiter Lite, you can easily capture notes on any potential candidate. Take notes and set reminders for tasks or follow ups, then easily view them whenever you view that individual's profile page.

Profile notes and reminders
Save time with projects

Use projects to stay organized

Recruiter Lite is specifically designed for recruiting, so it includes several features that help you keep your work organized in a few clicks. Place candidates into project folders, take notes on their status, and even set reminders to follow up with them. Never lose track of a candidate in the process, and save yourself time and headaches with Recruiter Lite's project tools.

Discover who's interested in you

With Recruiter Lite, you can access the full list of everyone who has viewed your profile in the last 90 days. This will help you get the information you need to reach out or follow up.

See who's viewed your profile